The Games Company
William Hill
2013 - 2017
Design Lead

Over the years, I’ve participated in 11 games, having overseen 5 of them nearly end to end (Product and Creative).

Our goals

Pushing the technical limitations and delivering high quality games.

A lot of the existing in-browser games were done in Flash; not full screen (with a "boxed-in" fixed ratio, or zoomed in, blurry assets); and only worked on some devices.

We wanted ours to stand out for their technical quality:
HTML5 and full screen, working on all devices and resolutions, and with absolutely no loading screens mid-game. We also needed to account for multiple languagues, including Arabic and Traditional Chinese.

So, they had to be extremely optimised.

My role in the process

A lot of the optimisation happens during planning.

This meant, from my part, a big involvement from beginning to end, working closely with Product and Development, while shaping the Product and Creative specifications.

I managed not only everything related to the Visual and Sound assets, but also created the Product specifications, and other specs for Development. I'd then work with the developers on the correct implementation of all these elements - reviewing, giving feedback, and adjusting assets, as we tweaked all the details in the final game.

From a practical point of view, this included:

I also created a lot of buttons.

And symbols, backgrounds, animations...

Some case studies

Two Tribes

Bill and Ted's
Excellent Adventure

Cash Cowboy